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Welcome to the Big Fat Whale store! Unfortunately, signed copies of "Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums" are no longer available. You can still purchase unsigned copies from Lulu or Amazon.

Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums

This 7.5" X 7.5", 160 page collection features 150 of the best Big Fat Whale cartoons from late 2005 to mid 2009. Perfect bound with a crisp black and white interior and full color cover.

"Brian McFadden's cartoons are quirky and hilarious. Cartooning may be a dying art, but McFadden is a very funny buggy whip maker."
- Tom Tomorrow

"Brian McFadden's hilarious "Big Fat Whale" is both a revelation and a throwback, combining brilliantly new, innovative humor with old time comedy schtick."
- Ruben Bolling

"Brian McFadden's rollicking "Big Fat Whale" is one of cartooning's largely undiscovered treasures. Smart, loose and always on-the-mark hilarious, it's one of the dozen or so comics that I make a point to read every week."
- Ted Rall

Buy at

Buy at

Sea Anomie

40 pages of the best Big Fat Whale cartoons from December 2003 to August 2005. 6.75"×6.75" glossy cover, saddle stitched, professionally printed. $5 plus shipping

The Lonely Captain's Erotic Scrimshaw $3 + shipping

24 pages. Featuring the best of Big Fat Whale's early years. Black & White. 6.75"×6.75" glossy cover, saddle stitched, professionally printed. $3 plus shipping

Full Color Signed Prints $25 + shipping

You can order 10" by 10" signed prints of your favorite Big Fat Whale comics, or 8.5" by 16" prints of my New York Times' "The Strip" cartoons for the same price. Simply enter the title or URL of the comic you want in the box below. Leave a note at checkout if you'd like me to address the signature to a specific person or not sign the print at all. $25 plus shipping

URL or Title of Comic:

Reprint information for newspapers and other publications is available on the syndication info page.

Big Fat Sticker Fun Pack $2 + shipping

Each pack includes two of each sticker. The Dandy Whale is 3.75" in diameter. The Humiliated Robot is 3" by 3." Both are printed on durable vinyl. $2 plus shipping

Original Art $300

Big Fat Whale is now entirely drawn digitally on a tablet, but for many years it was hand inked and lettered on 12" by 12" bristol board.

Since there's a limited supply, please send an inquiry that includes the name and URL of the original you're interested in purchasing to:

with "Original Art" in the subject line. I'll let you know if the cartoon you're interested in is still available and send you a link for payment.

Please note that originals are only available for cartoons dated between October 7, 2005 and October 2, 2009.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. I can usually ship stuff out the next day, but I often have deadlines to contend with.

Don't forget to include a note at checkout if you'd like me to sign your purchase to someone other than yourself!

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