Ted Cruz's Campaign Swag
Ted Cruz is not dumb. He is playing into the willful ignorance and victimhood that riles up the base to win elections. By a weird twist of fate, it has become my job to draw cartoons about current events. I am not a news junkie, but I must ingest news constantly to […]

Ted Cruz’s Campaign Swag

Death Penalty Dissonance
Since lethal injection drugs are becoming scarce and no longer efficient at the whole “lethal” thing, Utah’s getting ready to bring back the firing squad, while other states are dusting off their electric chairs and gas chambers. Somehow these are all more preferable than calling off capital punishment altogether, which often results in […]

Death Penalty Dissonance

Grand Old Pen Pals
I don’t think Senator Tom Cotton’s open letter to Iran was treasonous; it was dumb. And unfortunately for the US and the rest of the world, being dumb isn’t treason. It’s practically a requirement for anyone who wants to court the Tea Party caucus. It’s spring (or so I’ve heard from under […]

Grand Old Pen Pals

McDonald's Is Getting Healthy
McDonald’s is eliminating antibiotics from its chicken, and trying to market itself as a healthy place to eat gray slabs of beef which presumably will still be pumped chock full of antibiotics and who knows what else. I hope I ruined Shamrock Shake season for all of you. Read the […]

McDonald’s Is Getting Healthy

DIY Health Insurance
Last week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell and now we’re waiting to see if they’ll gut the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act because of one poorly worded sentence. Chief Justice Roberts kept it alive the last time it was challenged, but now that it’s fully functional, […]

DIY Health Insurance

Are you tired of waiting to read my one, or two, at most, cartoon(s) a week? If so, you’re in luck! I’ll be posting five (5!) exclusive comics this week for The Nib’s newsletter and Instagram account. Will I draw something smart, cutting and insightful about something in the news, […]

This Misanthrope is Getting Social

America at War: With Bill O'Reilly
Bill O’Reilly was caught in a lie. No, not that one. Or that one. Or the whole sexual harassment loofah thing. This is not really news. Brian Williams being a fabulist was a little more surprising, but not really. Network and cable news are pretty much infotainment anchored by narcissists. […]

America at War: With Bill O’Reilly

In Search of ...
In honor of Leonard Nimoy, who passed away today, here’s a throwback to a Strip I did featuring him way back in 2012. He’s obviously remembered as Spock, but he did a bunch of other stuff. My earliest memory is of his voice at Boston’s Museum of Science. It is forever […]

In Search of …

In this week’s exclusive comic for The Nib, I try to help my fellow snowbound bastards cope with this terrible winter. So far, I’ve shoveled over 7ft of snow. My clunker of a car became a necessary evil when Greater Boston’s public transit shit the bed for pretty much all […]

Coping Strategies for the Snowbound

The (In)Complete Field Guide to American Extremists
It was another dumb week in dumbness. Everyone was arguing over the semantics of “radical this, extremist that” instead of what can be done about ISIS. The options are terrible and nobody in elite circles wants to admit there’s nothing we can do. Over a decade of the United States’ […]

The (In)Complete Field Guide to American Extremists