Ted Cruz's Path to the Presidency
The primaries are winding down, and it’s pretty clear who the nominees will be. So I wanted to needle Creepy Ted Cruz once more before attention shifts to the general election, which promises to be slightly less interminable than primary season. Read the comic at The New York Times.

Ted Cruz’s Path to the Presidency

More Monetary Makeovers
I’m apparently a huge currency nerd and can’t pass up an opportunity to do a cartoon about it whenever it’s in the news, even during a heated primary season. Read the cartoon at The New York Times. Here’s the one from last year when the Women on 20s petition first gained national […]

More Monetary Makeovers

A Credible Living Will
Five of the eight largest banks are still too big to fail. Regulators said their plans to wind down weren’t credible and would require bailouts in the event of another collapse. These banks are even bigger than they were in 2008, so the Great Recession Redux will certainly be interesting. Read the […]

A Credible Big Bank Living Will

The NYC Pandering Primary
New York’s primary matters for the first time in decades, and all of the remaining candidates are doing some campaign pandering in the Big Apple. Events are scheduled in the rest of the state of course, but with 8 million people, and the headquarters of the media, there’s been substantially […]

The NYC Pandering Primary

Backward Bills
North Carolina’s legislature and its Governor Pat McCrory rushed an anti-LGBT, particularly anti-trans, “bathroom bill” in order to protect citizens from the non-existent problem of bathroom fraud. The bill essentially prevents local municipalities from doing decent things like preventing discrimination and raising the minimum wage. Mississippi soon followed with their […]

North Carolina’s Backward Bills

Brant prep
If you’re in Boston April 5-29, stop by MassArt’s Brant Gallery to look at my cartoons. A lot of effort and beers went into framing the physical prints, and two digital displays will feature more of my work. There’s an opening reception Tuesday, April 5th from 5:30 to 7pm. I’ll […]

Exhibition at MassArt’s Brant Gallery

Right-Wing Stuntman
Ted Cruz is the Republican Party’s last chance to pull their nomination away from Trump, even though his policies and people skills are just as terrible, if not worse. After the bombings in Brussels, Cruz advocated for policing and monitoring of Muslim communities in the US. If that’s better than Trump’s […]

Right-Wing Stuntman

Absentee Excuses
I previously picked on Mitch McConnell for stonewalling President Obama just hours after Scalia kicked the bucket. McConnell’s Republican pals on the Senate Judiciary Committee are pulling the same crap and refusing to even meet with Merrick Garland. They really have no endgame, this is just obstruction for obstruction’s sake. Read […]

The Judiciary Committee’s Absentee Excuses

Total Electoral Eclipse
Trump’s malignant shadow is obscuring everything else going on in the world. The ugliness of his campaign and its supporters is certainly newsworthy, but we’ll have a lot of catching up to do if and when the Trump phenomenon fades. I wrote and drew this before Neil deGrasse Tyson proved […]

Total Electoral Eclipse

Establishment Man with a Plan
Willard “Mitt” Romney is back in the news, and I’ll never pass up an opportunity to needle this man. As a freelancer, I didn’t have health insurance until he created RomneyCare. He then spent the next decade campaigning on the promise to take it away. There’s nothing more “phony” or “fraudulent” […]

The GOP’s Establishment Man with a Plan

Decrypted Device Files
The FBI and our alphabet of intelligence agencies have been salivating over the prospect of an encryption back door for years. The San Bernardino shootings are just the most recent pretext to weaken privacy protections. Here’s a primer on the FBI vs. Apple fight that’s easy to read even for people […]

The FBI’s Decrypted Device Files

Wish List of Supreme Court Nominees
Justice Scalia had the gall to croak during Obama’s presidency, so Senate Republicans are going to obstruct the appointment of his successor. I doubt stalling Scalia’s replacement is a great strategy. Even if he thinks a Republican will win in November, McConnell can’t seriously think whomever Trump (gah!), Cruz (gross!) or Rubio (duh!) would pick is worth losing […]

Mitch McConnell’s Wish List of Supreme Court Nominees